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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Economic Geography – Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma

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Date News
13.06.2024 ICDL Roundtable entitled "Academic Freedom For All"
03.06.2024 The Ethics of Boycotts? A panel debate with as part of the 2024 Wittgenstein Lecture
31.05.2024 New Paper from the BATATA project on „Neglected Components in Dominant Accounts of a Good Life? — Disagreements among Maasai Pastoralists”
17.05.2024 „Planetary Futures: Über Leben in kritischen Zeiten“.
07.05.2024 Vernetzungstreffen Feministische Geographien 2024 in Bonn
18.04.2024 TAZ-Artikel zu „Anti-Postkolonialismus“ von Stefan Ouma
01.04.2024 Call for Paper for WinRA Conference on Racism research online!
05.03.2024 New Handbook Contribution “When Private Equity discovered African Agriculture”
29.02.2024 „New Paper From Theory to Reality: Evaluating Smallholder Farmers’ Attitudes Toward Nature in Tanzania”
29.01.2024 Keynote on Centering Accumulation in the Study of African Cities

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