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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Economic Geography – Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma

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Welcome to the Chair of Economic Geography

At the moment we are working on the themes global commodity chains and critical geographies of logistics; the restructuring of industrial work in the digital age and agricultural transformations in the context of financialization and digitization.


Our team cultivates an economic geography of social transformations which, in the spirit of a committed methodical and theoretical pluralism, traces the megatrends, upheavals and distortions of our time in concrete material contexts. We strive to overcome ontological boundaries between the "economic" and the "social", "cultural", "political" and "nature". In our view, "economy" cannot be thought in isolation from these other domains. Radically rethinking the relationship between these domains becomes pivotal for tackling the most urgent issues of what has come to be known as the Anthropocene.

Furthermore, the changes in the economy that have taken place in the course of globalization and that affect virtually all people worldwide in different ways call for a different geographical angle. Therefore, the economic geography we are pushing for also wants to overcome established territorial categories of "North" and "South" and the associated traditional divisions of labour. For this reason, we are pursuing a globally oriented, cosmopolitan economic geography that explores the overarching questions of how global flows of goods, people, capital, knowledge, technologies and power transform economic processes, organizations and practices in concrete geographical settings, what regionalized effects they entail, and how these can be analyzed and problematized. Ultimately, our aim is to provide sustainable and progressive solutions for dealing with spatial inequalities and unsustainable economic practices.

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