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Chair of Economic Geography – Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma

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ouma_stefan_180x180px Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Economic Geography

Since 01 March 2019, I have been holding the Chair of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography at the University of Bayreuth. Before that I worked as Doc and Post-Doc at Goethe-University, Frankfurt.

My research interests lies in a theoretically and empirically informed economic geography of globalization and development, drawing primarily on insights from heterodox economics, political ecology, and post- and decolonial work. My overriding research goal is to rematerialize “the economy” in times of seemingly unbounded economic relations and to open it up for political debate regarding the more sustainable and just pathways and forms of economy-making.

My current research on the political economy and ecology of global supply chains, the financialization of land and agriculture, the digital transformation of labor, and on “African Futures” reflect this orientation and complement existing foci of the Bayreuth Department of Geography. I have research experience in both the Global South (West and East Africa) and the Global North (Germany, New Zealand) and cultivate a global-relational perspective on geographically uneven development processes.

Since the end of 2019 I am a member of the Editorial Collective of Antipode.

You can find a list of my academic and public talks here!

My CV:

2018Full Professor of Economic Geography, University of Bayreuth
2016Visiting scholar Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin
2013 – 2018Assistant Professor Economic Geography
2012Visiting Scholar, Department of Politics, Sociology and Geography, University of Newcastle.
2012PhD Economic Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt
2007 – 2012Research Associate Goethe University Frankfurt

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Economic Geography

Areas of research:

Themes: Political ecology and economy of global commodity chains, agrarian change in rural areas of East and West Africa, "African Futures", financialization of land and agriculture, transformation of labor through digitalization.
Theoretical orientations: Heterodox Economic Approaches, Political Ecology, De- and Postcolonial Approaches.
Methods: Qualitative-reconstructive methods, critical ethnography, mixed methods designs, critical statistics
Regional focus: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania; Rhine-Main Region; New Zealand; further research experience in Australia, Singapore and South Africa

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Economic Geography



Stefan Ouma: Farming as financial asset : global finance and the making of institutional landscapes. - Newcastle upon Tyne : Agenda Publishing, 2020. - XII, 208 S.

Prekär, flexibel, entgrenzt : Geographien der Arbeit in der "Global City" Frankfurt. - Stefan Ouma, Carolyn Folasade Farinde (Hrsg.). - Frankfurt am Main : 2018. - 168 S.

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Edited special issues

New Perspectives on the Financialization of Nature. Special Issue. - Patrick Bigger, Leigh Johnson, Stefan Ouma (Hrsg.). - Environment and Planning A : Economy and Space, 50 (2018), 3

Special Section on the Making and Remaking of Agro Industries in Africa. - Stefan Ouma, Lindsay Whitfield (Hrsg.). - The Journal of Development Studies, 48 (2012), 3

Papers in peer-reviewed journals

Eugen Pissarskoi, Stefan Ouma, Kerstin Schopp, Leiyo Singo, Thomas Potthast: Welche Bio_Ökonomie für welche Zukunft? : Zur Repolitisierung eines Diskurses im Globalen Norden durch Einsichten aus Tansania. In: Peripherie, 40 (2021). - S. 258-282.

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Contributions to edited volumes

Stefan Ouma, Tobias Klinge: Commodities. In: Janelle Knox-Hayes, Dariusz Wójcik, Dariusz, (Hrsg.): The Routledge Handbook of Financial Geography. - New York : Routledge, 2021. - S. 208-231.

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Stefan Ouma: Waren, Wissen und „Raum“ : Die Dunklen Seiten globaler Lieferketten im Lebensmittelhandel. In: Nina Baur, Julia Fülling, Linda Hering, Elmar Kulke (Hrsg.): Waren - Wissen - Raum : Interdependenz von Produktion, Markt und Konsum in Lebensmittelwarenketten. - Wiesbaden : Springer VS, 2020. - S. 486-516.

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Stefan Ouma: Africapitalism : A Critical Genealogy and Assessment. In: Kenneth Amaeshi, Uwafiokun Idemudia, Adun Okupe (Hrsg.): Africapitalism : Sustainable Business and Sustainable Development in Africa. - London : Taylor & Francis, 2019. - S. 144-157.

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Julian Stenmanns, Stefan Ouma: The New Zones of Circulation : On the Securitization of Maritime Frontiers in West Africa. In: Thomas Birtchnell, Satya Savitzky, John Urry (Hrsg.): Cargomobilities : Moving Materials in a Global Age. - London : Routledge, 2015. - S. 87-105.

Julian Stenmanns, Stefan Ouma: The new zones of circulation : On the production and securitisation of maritime frontiers in West Africa. In: Thomas Birtchnell, Satya Savitzky, John Urry (Hrsg.): Cargomobilities : moving materials in a global age. - New York : Routledge, 2015. - S. 87-105.

Stefan Ouma: "The New Enclosures" : Zur Finanzialisierung von Land und Landwirtschaft. In: Marcel Heires, Andreas Nölke (Hrsg.): Politische Ökonomie der Finanzialisierung. - Wiesbaden : Springer, 2014. - S. 197-210.

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Stefan Ouma: Development practice, agrifood standards, and smallholder certification : the elusive quest for GLOBALGAP?. In: Adeline Borot de Battisti, James MacGregor, Andrew Graffham (Hrsg.): Standard bearers : Horticultural exports and private standards in Africa. - London : International Institute for Environment and Development, 2009. - S. 144-148.


Stefan Ouma, Uli Beisel, Joël Glasman: Genesene Menschen als Ressource?. In: Frankfurter Rundschau, (2020-05-01)

Book reviews

Stefan Ouma: Looking Back, Looking Ahead : Agriculture, Land and Society in East Africa ; a Festschrift for Kjell Havnevik. Michael Ståhl (Hrsg.). Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala, 2015. ISBN 978-91-7106-774-6. In:Tanzanian Affairs, 114, S. 44-46: 2016

Stefan Ouma: Carmody, Pádraig: The Rise of the BRICS in Africa : The Geopolitics of South-South Relations. London, ZED Books, 2013. - 176 S., ISBN 978-1-78032-605-4. In:Economic Geography, 91, S. 223-225: 2015

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Stefan Ouma: Schippler, Jasmin: Urbaner Informeller Sektor : Wirtschaftliches Handeln unterUnsicherheit ; Stressoren, institutionelle Arrangements und der Beitrag von Sozialkapital am Beispiel der Schreiner in Gaborone, Botswana. 169 S. , Erlanger Geogra phische Arbeiten 63. Selbstverlag der Frankischen Geo graphischen Gesellschaft, Erlangen (2009). In:Erdkunde, 64, S. 392-394: 2010

Stefan Ouma: Paarlberg, Robert: Starved for Science : How biotechnology is being kept out of Africa. Harvard, Harvard University Press (2008). ISBN 978-0-674-02973-6. In:African Affairs, 108, S. 693-694: 2009

Project reports

Stefan Ouma: Problems and Perspectives of Smallholder Farmers’ Certification under EurepGAP Option 2 : Studie im Auftrag der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit. - Frankfurt, 2007.


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Economic Geography

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