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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Economic Geography – Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma

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Welcome to the Chair of Economic Geography

We are currently working on the negotiation of bioeconomic futures in East Africa, the transformation of wage and reproductive labour in the context of  context of digitalisation, the financialization of agricultural and non-agricultural companies, and the connection between the economy and racial discrimination.

We stand for a theoretically grounded research and teaching agenda that engages with the economic geographies of production and social reproduction in the context of global megatrends such as proliferating socio-spatial inequalities, the looming climate crisis, and the ongoing marketisation and technologisation of social, economic and ecological lifeworlds. In a world of increasing interconnectedness, questions of economy-making cannot be addressed without a planetary approach that connects across divides such as North and South, economy and nature, and various other socially constructed but materially consequential categories of difference such as gender, race and class.

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