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27.06.2022 Africa Multiple? Critical Reflections on the Discipline of Economics in Africa
21.06.2022 Berufsveranstaltung „auf einen Mate mit“ – mit Elena Büttner, Expertin im Bereich Citymanagement und Regionalentwicklung
15.06.2022 Podcast: Who cares? Feministische Perspektiven auf Care-Arbeit
07.06.2022 Berufsveranstaltung „auf einen Mate mit“ – mit Renard Teipelke, Experte für resiliente Infrastruktur und Klimafinanzierung.
02.06.2022 Discussing Difference 2. Juni um 18.00 Uhr (online)
02.06.2022 Covert racism in Economic Theory
05.05.2022 Defiant scholarship: Dismantling coloniality in contemporary African geographies
28.04.2022 Vernetzungstreffen der Feministischen Geographien in Berlin
29.03.2022 Workshop on Using Qualitative Methods for Researching “The Economy”, University of Nairobi, 29 March, 2022
17.02.2022 Beyond Productivity: Reimagining Futures of Agriculture and Bioeconomy
10.02.2022 “Africa: Why Economists get it (Really) Wrong”: Reflections on a Debate between Franklin Obeng-Odoom and Morten Jerven
08.02.2022 Book Review Symposium on “Farming as Financial Asset” in Dialogues in Human Geography
20.01.2022 Discussing Difference 3rd February at 18.00 on Zoom
17.01.2022 New Paper: How does "the Plantation” help us to make sense of the technological present-future?
17.01.2022 Call for contributions to the AK Labour Geography Meeting 2022;
Feb 10-11 hybrid (online and Bonn);
last date 17 January

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